Hello Everyone,

I am so excited to have a re-release of my novel, The Forlorned--a project that is very close to my heart. The manuscript was first published very early on in my career, many years ago. 

After a rights revision last year, I spent all winter huddled by the fire drinking Barry's Irish tea and totally rewrote the entire novel and it was re-released this past April. 

It was hard to keep my focus on writing because I had so many things going on in my life--not all of it good. For example, the movie based roughly on my novel had been released which was wonderful to see. But, at the same time my business partner had passed away in July. Because of his death, I had to deal with a convicted pedophile alone. A felon that was suing The Forlorned, LLC for phony claims to the book and movie title. Yes, you read that right--This ex-convict was suing me over my own book title claiming he created it and owned the trademark. How crazy is this when The Forlorned, LLC owns both the federal and state trademark because of our goods and services, the movie, the book and everything attached. After a long, miserable battle, the U.S. Supreme Court quickly put a stop to his nonsense-but not after he wasted hard earned tax dollars (he sues for free or in forma pauperis claiming he cannot afford filing fees.) 

It is completely insane how this ex-convict thinks that a book was made into a movie because of a snazzy title? Seriously? In fact, It’s laughable! Many talented and very famous authors have unique book titles. But that doesn't mean they will get a movie deal because of it. To think this way is a clear indication that someone might need a serious mental evaluation. In my opinion--it’s a narcissistic trait of someone with a possible anti-social personality disorder. It’s like saying. “Gee, I created a title so wonderful that a movie company is spending millions to make a movie. How glorious I am!” 

Want to know the real truth?

The truth is that it takes damn hard work and sheer dedication to write a book and make a motion picture. I poured blood, sweat and tears into this project.  We did not have outside investors like this felon loves to spew all over the internet.... We did however, have a great cast and crew and the best attorney in the entertainment industry (The former vice president of Paramount Pictures) who sold our movie to our distributor. We did it with our own resources and the help of a great cast and crew.

And as for the title—we could have called it dog vomit and it still would have been made into a movie because it took courage. It took courage to pour all our own resources into an idea. It took courage to ignore all the hate that was posted online and the courage to stand up against his frivolous lawsuits.

The Forlorned turned out to really be a true horror story. Not only was it filled with rats, a spooky lighthouse island, antiquated ghosts, and escalating horrors—but it was also haunted by a convicted felon who filed a lawsuit against us for daring to use our own trademarked title--which was as scary and chilling as his mullet sporting mugshot.

So please support the Forlorned by leaving reviews if you can and grab your copy while it is still on sale. Hope you enjoy it! 

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