Angela Townsend Speaks Out Against Bullies

My name is Angela Townsend. Today I am speaking out about being stalked, sued, harassed and bullied as an author, artist and a filmmaker.  I am by nature a very strong willed person. I come from strong people. And this is a good thing because being bullied isn't  easy to endure. It's like being the last standing tree in a burning forest. It is a frightening and lonely place to be. Everything around you is destroyed right down to your roots--and yet you are excepted to remain standing while someone takes an ax to your soul. For those of you who do not know me, I am a traditionally published, best-selling and award-winning author. I am represented by some of the greatest people in the book and film industry. And I am also a member of the prestigious Authors Guild of America, and have been a member of the Bram Stoker Horror Association and many others. I was recognized by the governor of my state for my published novels. I have books, audiobooks, interactive games in the works and even a motion picture based on my novel, The Forlorned®. But my biggest achievement is donating books to the Ronald McDonald Houses of America for sick children and to other children in impoverished areas around the globe--as well as donating books to those serving our military overseas.  

As wonderful as this all sounds--there is nothing glamorous about my life because as I said before--I am the subject of ongoing and unrelenting bullying, stalking, cyberstalking and character assassination through social media and other means with the intent to cause emotional, physical, financial and grievous harm. 

The bullies in my life come from very different walks of life--from civil servants to the lowest dregs of our prison system-- but  what they all have in common is a belief they can take advantage of my intellectual abilities by making false claims of ownership over my novel and or my motion picture, The Forlorned®. 

Thankfully every single court of law--including the U.S. Supreme Court--has sided in my favor. 

Every. Single. Time.  

The Forlorned® really is a horror story in every aspect. I first wrote the novel in the late 1990's--before any of my bullies existed in my life. The book was published three times and then finally I had the rights back into my hands. I totally re-wrote the novel and then re-published on April 2, 2018.  I was thrilled to have the novel back into my sole possession where I could change the characters and add themes that had not been there before.  I absolutely love the new version--vicious rats and all. I am currently working the sequel which will be released very soon.

I am speaking out today to help other artists create their work without fear. I walk in a positive light and I create with courage. I hope that other artists who are the victims of harassment will do the same. Being an artist is hard. We give our gifts, our precious time and talent to the world, and we are not always supported or rewarded.  Reviews and art critiques can be brutal. Please try to remember--your art is important. Without artists there is no extension of nature, there are no other worlds for readers to escape, there is less joy in a world without song.

When someone is constantly speaking negatively about you, blogging about you, and making wild accusations---they are only harming themselves. Good people can see right through their lies. Keep on creating with courage.  Take pity on those that bully you  instead of hating them. Anyone who practices hate only causes harm to themselves. 

There is an old saying I live by and it goes something like this:

"You don't make your light shine any brighter by snuffing someone else's out."

In my most recent case of bullying--I have often felt like Matilda fighting off the ponderous Miss. Trunchbull.  For those of you not familiar with the film, Matilda--Miss. Trunchbull is the tyrannical head of a rundown middle school. She is a large, overbearing woman filled with jealousy, greed and hate for Matilda. It seems no matter what Matilda does, Trunchbull only hates her all the more.  Fortunately, the Trunchbull who has inserted herself in my life will never win, because as I said before--at my very core, I am a fighter.  

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So my word of advice to Trunchbull is this: go write your own novel. Try producing your own film. You have no right to mine. Support other women instead of tearing them down. Take a break from hate and practice love and kindness in a productive way.  See the beauty in the world instead of looking for darkness. 

So my final advice to others who are in my situation--live a happy life. It is the best revenge. Be kind to everyone you can. Shut out gossip and hate. Compassion, kindness, and love are the biggest weapons we have against those who seek to destroy us. Also keep in mind that bullies are like a pathogenic disease. If they do not have a host to inhabit they will wither on the vine. 

And most important of all--do not ever let anyone take credit for your work. You are the creator. It is yours and yours alone. Keep it close to your heart. Fight with everything you have. You have a right to interpret the world as you see it and to reflect the society in which we live in through your artwork, your words, music or whatever art-form you do without being haraassed. 

Create with courage.  
Love Angie. 

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