Everyone who is close to me knows I am a fighter. I will never give up the fight for justice against stalking. 


Stalking affects millions of people each year. Studies vary but most agree 20 percent of North Americans are stalked sometime during their lifetime. Many people are familiar with famous stalking victims such as Jodie Foster, Rebecca Schaeffer, David Letterman, Madonna, Brad Pitt, and many more.  


Hoskins, the man who stalked Madonna, believed she was his wife. Bardo shot Rebecca Schaeffer to death because he wanted to be connected with the young actress forever. Jodie Foster's stalker, who also shot President Regan, was obsessed with her. David Letterman's stalker believed she was his wife. Rolando, who stalked Brad Pitt, dressed in his clothes. My stalker sued me all the way to the United States Supreme Court because he believed he magically created my movie and its title. 


Race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, rich or poor doesn't matter—anyone can be the victim of stalking. I’m far from famous and I am a stalking victim. So, what do all stalking victims have in common? Several things. What is happening to them is not their fault. What is happening to them should not be allowed. What is happening to them needs stricter laws and protections in this country. 


My hope is for a national stalking registry. I want strict penalties for those who stalk others. I want the courts to listen to victims–no one should have to die because their cries for help are not heard. 


As most of you know, we are working diligently on a documentary about stalking and plan a pilot with several seasons. Thank you for your continued support everyone. Stay tuned!