For the past two years, I've been working on an exciting new novel I hold dear to my heart. 

The reason it's so special to me is that it was inspired by my boyfriend, Germán. Each day, while I worked tirelessly on the manuscript,  he would leave me notes of love and support on delicate scraps of paper or on little envelopes. 

Each poetic message penned in Spanish was hidden away for me to find throughout the day. These wonderful treasure hunts helped me find joy and balance when my writing life seemed overwhelming. 

One of Germán's beautiful and heartfelt messages contained the line--born of the heart. 

So, that is how the novel came to be titled, Born of the Heart -- in Germán's honor. 

Born of the Heart is far different than anything I've ever written. It is a mixture of gothic suspense, historical fiction, mystery, and romance!  

The novel will be released July 16th. I sincerely hope you find Born of the Heart to be one of your favorite reads, and if so, please recommend it to others.  

My desk (pictured below) and one of Germán's special notes of encouragement.