One of the most important tools a writer can have is a productive workspace. Your space doesn't have to be fancy or formal, it just needs to work for you.

Your writing space could be anywhere--even in your garage. I keep a mini traveling office in my car. When my children were small, I would write while I was parked outside their school waiting to pick them up at the end of the day. In a short time, I was able to sneak in a lot of valuable writing time. 

Wherever you decide to designate as your writing space, make sure it's comfortable and convenient. Keep organized by cleaning your space daily. I like to wipe down my keyboards at the end of the day and dust the top of my desk with a fresh hint of lemon. Inside my desk, I find it helpful to have similar items grouped together. For example, my pens are in one section, sticky notes in another and so on. Everything has a place grouped into a specific category.

I have a Jane Austen calendar I keep on my desk for appointments. On a nearby wall, I have my spreadsheets, and computer print-offs pinned to a corkboard.  Mondays, I review tasks, record important dates, and set writing goals for the week. I use colorful folders, highlighters, and sticky notes. I try to keep my desk free of any clutter and toss unnecessary items clogging up my space. A tidy office is a productive office. For me, the more clutter I have the more reduced my focus is.

I also recommend having great tools. A thermos or USB cup warmer is helpful to keep tea or coffee warm. Digital highlighters are helpful as well as Smartpens. Keep everything charged by having a charging station nearby. Music is very helpful to some.  YouTube is a great resource with many choices so you never get tired of the same playlist.  

I hope you find these tips helpful. Happy writing everyone.  


I've been a bit behind on blogging recently due to undertaking a large and exciting project. The research into my subject matter has been a rewarding and yet a tremendous effort. Not only is this the largest manuscript I have ever written, but the most fulfilling as well. So please bear with me kind readers. I shall have something to present to the world soon. 


I wanted to take a moment and wish all my readers a happy Valentine's Day. I hope that you are blessed with love and kindness whether from friends, family, lovers, or a combination thereof. 

On a day when love is celebrated across the globe, befitting different cultures and customs, I am extremely grateful to celebrate this day with my boyfriend, Germán. Germán hails from Central America. His culture is rich with art, literature, music, dance, film and most importantly love. A perfect fit for an author and filmmaker like me! 

Through good and bad he is a solid supporter of my writing and a treasured confidant. I am truly blessed to have him in my life. 

Germán's name can be a bit tricky for those who do not know how to pronounce it, often causing my publicists, editors, film producers and others in the industry to address him as German, like the country. Some have even called him Hermen, Harmen, Germaine and so on. The proper way to pronounce his name can be a bit tricky for English speakers, especially those who do not know how to roll their r's. The best way to pronounce it--for those who don't speak Spanish is like "Hair-MAHN." 

No matter how his name is pronounced, Germán remains a good sport. Our lives are filled with countless blessings, and I sincerely hope that your life is filled with love, laughter, and endless blessings as well!