Hey everyone! 

Hope your April is going well. I can not wait until the chilly weather is gone and summer is finally here!  I've been busy working on a new journal project which I will film and share with you soon. This journal is based on my spooky Victorian ghost, Hepzibah Blackthorne. 

I just wanted to update everyone to let you know my novel The Forsakened will be released in audio in May--if all goes as planned. It will be available on audible and other places.  

I will let you know more as soon as I have an exact date of its release.  

I'm going to go curl up with a cup of Barry's Tea with plenty of cream and work on another book ;) Have a wonderful week everyone! 

The Forsakend is available on kindle and print--just click here 


My boyfriend G. Ferrero is a strong Latin man. With the exception of my father, I've never known anyone with such an admirable work ethic. He is one of the kindest persons I know. Like me, he is a true entrepreneur. He loves the art of business and he believes in treating others fairly. Above all he is careful with his words. He knows words are like living things that can scar the soul of another. 

He has a saying and it's true. 

La lingua non ha ossa ma fa rompere il dosso.

In Italian, it means--the tongue has no bones but it can break bones. 
As many of you know I've had endure severe abuse for years by a convicted child sex offender and trademark troll who became fixated on me. I've been stalked, sued and harassed to the breaking point and beyond. 

A few days ago I was celebrating my youngest son's birthday. It's a very special day to us. We not only celebrate the anniversary of his birth, but we also celebrate his remission from cancer that blinded him. While I was busy cooking and preparing for our festivities, my stalker was busy filing more legal garbage against me in the Montana Supreme Court. 

The nightmare with this berzerker--never--ends.  

The day after my son’s birthday was a film premiere for my movie, The Forlorned.  I couldn't even attend my own event because of security concerns and rumors that my stalker and “friends” would be there. (He hangs around other convicted felons.) I would never want any harm to come to my readers, loved ones and friends who were there to support me, but there is no safe haven when you are being hunted by a madman.

Many people have asked me if he has had a mental evaluation. I have no idea. I'm not qualified to diagnose him--but my personal opinion is that he suffers from delusional disorder and sociopathy.  Like a typical sociopath, he does not respect the word no--not from the police, not from the courts (not even the highest court in the nation, The US Supreme Court) and certainly not from me or his other victims. 

I will NEVER forget the fateful day when he approached me and my boss at a lunch meeting. He wanted help getting in contact with agents and publishers. I was traditionally published with one of the best agents in the business. I told him how to go about finding the help he needed. He thanked me profusely and then later tried to persuade me to join him for his birthday dinner. Of course, I refused, which didn't score me any points with this sociopath. From that point on he couldn't accept that I had turned him down. That I wouldn't allow him to be a part of my movie, or have contact with my literary agent, or most importantly be a part of my personal life in any way.

Sadly, I doubt things will ever change. This child predator knows no bounds. All the experts I have contacted agree he will obsess about me for the rest of his life. This is very difficult to accept. I'm still struggling with the fact that my life has been forever changed. That my online presence is marred by his hundreds of posts about me. How I'm a fraud, a prostitute, a criminal.  I went from being an introverted author just offering friendly advice to a struggling wannabe author to being a victim of a massive smear campaign. I was stalked, sued and harassed for years--all for what? for saying the word no?  

To compound problems, the local courts (which he claims I control), Montana Probation and Parole, The Governor of Montana, The Montana Attorney General's office, The FBI and Countless abuse hotlines, and many, many other organizations--haven't been able to help me. However, I'm grateful to those who have tried. Many wonderful people within these organizations have done their best to stop the nonsense, but all have failed. It's like my stalker knows the fine line to walk to avoid having his probation revoked and being returned to prison.  

So why not file another restraining order? Restraining orders mean nothing to him. As soon as a restraining order (or no contact order) is issued against him, he immediately files an appeal to the higher courts--he craves contact with his victims in any form he can get. This person is dangerous and there is nothing I can do to legally stop him from his endless pursuit of ruining my life.

And PLEASE do not ask me why I don't sue him for defamation. He has nothing to sue for. He incorporates himself so that he can protect himself legally. His freedom of speech protects him to lie about his victims and ruin us publicity. All his legal fees are paid for by the sweat of our hard earned tax dollars. He is on welfare and claims disability for having arthritis (too bad his victims can't be covered for  medical costs from the stress he has caused.) My fees are not paid for. I am not on welfare nor are my attorney and court fees paid. In total this monster has cost my company, The Forlorned, LLC hundreds of thousands of dollars in fees. All for what? Revenge.  

For years he has had his fun defaming my good character as well as his other victims, including the child he molested.  We have had to take his abuse in silence. He has posted hundreds of mentions of my name and other information like my address all over the Internet including on his WordPress site and Twitter. 

He has caused unrepairable damage to my businesses, my books, my movies, my personal life and to his other victims.   Yet, the madness never ends. 

I once had a city offical smugly tell me to just not read his blogs if it upset me. He totally missed the point. No one wants their reputation destroyed. No one wants their address put online and no one wants crazy people coming to your door. Relationships with readers are very important to authors. My career and my life are constantly at stake. 

Words are powerful. They are weapons used by people like my stalker to destroy and disfigure the human soul. I try to watch what I say to others. I know that my words can have a great impact good or bad. Most of all be careful how you talk to yourself. Do not let the words of others destroy who you are. 


Hello, everyone!

I'm working on a fun project. As many of you know I enjoy crafting hand bound books based on characters from my novels. 

I'm currently working on a journal for my Victorian ghost, Hepzibah Blackthorne. I love working in that time period with such beautiful paper and designs. Hepzibah's journal is a mix of  beauty and darkness. I'm also making a minature antique armorie to contain the book. I'm having so much fun putting it together. I will be uploading the video soon--so stay tuned!

 A few months ago I made a hand bound book belonging to my character Benjamin Gray from my novel series, The Forlorned. Benjamin Gray was a clergyman from the War of 1812 who secretly recorded bodies of U.S. Servicemen from the War of 1812 buried on a cursed lighthouse island.

The cover of the book is crafted from linen material which I aged to make it look appropriate for being buried in a box for more than 200 years. On the spine, I created ridges which were in style for the time period. 

Most importantly, It is not a redone book. 

Many people have asked me why I prefer to make them from scratch. Why not just use an old book cover? Of course, it would make the process easier, but for years I fought to be free from negativity associated with the Forlorned book project. By crafting this project from scratch it was something the trademark troll and other disreputable people could not touch. The cover is created by me. Every page is hand dyed by me. Every section is created by me and then sewed into signatures. 

This hand bound book is not only a special keepsake--its also a  reminder of the battles I've won.  

If you haven't had a chance to check out the books-- you can find the book set on kindle here on Amazon
Or the print editions on amazon Book one, The Forlorned and book two The Forsakened

Dont forget your free downloads on my website! I have free planner pages and tide charts along with great seafood recipies from the characters in the book.


The past few years as an author have been tough--very tough. Between dealing with book pirates, trademark trolls, sleazy movie distributors, and an unethical bookkeeper--it has been a rollercoaster from hell for sure.

First and foremost, for all of you who have contacted me for advice about trademark infringement--my best advice is simple. Retain an attorney. PLEASE do not rely on advice from someone who isn't a lawyer.  Secondly, my case is bizarrely unique so it's unlikely it will be similar to yours. At least I hope not for your sake. The trademark troll who sued me is a disgusting child sex offender with a fetish for filing lawsuits to stroke ego. He sued dozens of people and organizations including his own MOTHER.

Yes, you read that correctly--HE EVEN SUED HIS OWN MOTHER. 

And our hard earned tax dollars PAID for it.  

He subjected me to years of hate and abuse. He slurred my name all over the internet--calling me a fraud, a criminal, a theft and much worse. He even accused me of sleeping with my boss for money. A man I highly repected and looked up to. If I tried to file a restraining order to keep this felon away from me and my family he would contest the order demanding contact.

This sexual predator, sociopathic stalker, and trademark troll professes to be a political prisoner --yet he receives more governmental assistance than ANYONE I know. He doesn't work--at all. He receives health insurance, food stamps, money from SSI, energy assistance and more. He gets to file his lawsuits for FREE by claiming poverty--even though he has a for-profit business listed with the Secretary of State in Montana. He cries about a corrupt justice system that is out to get him---so why isn't he in jail?

Even worse--he wrote a book about domestic abuse--yet he is a convicted child molester and the biggest abuser of all.

On a more positive note, I am thankful to my readers, my family, and friends who love and support my work.  Also, I am very grateful to be a member of the Authors Guild--a powerful organization that supports authors and fights for our creative rights.

To all of you battling against predators in the book world and beyond, keep fighting for your rights. Please don't ever give up. Get proper legal help and fight back. I know its a tremendous financial burden but in the end, it's worth it. Believe me, I know. Every day I celebrate defeating the monster who stalked, sued and harrassed me for years.

I hope that my case will serve as a precedent for others fighting against trademark trolls. 


My novel, The Forsakened is now available in print and Kindle edition on Amazon. The book will also be released in audiobook format in a few weeks. 

I love the cover by Grady Earls. It encompasses so much about this Victorian Gothic thriller!

 Get your copy of the Forsakened here
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In my last post, I promised to show you a few old crypts and cemetery markers from one of my trips to the East Coast. I spent several hours walking through old cemeteries gathering research for my writing projects.

One of my favorite cemeteries was Christ Church Burial Ground in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Christ Church cemetery spans two acres and contains the remains of many Colonial and Revolution-era people  (over 1,400 of them) including Benjamin Franklin and a few signers of the Declaration of Independence.

While the city bustled around this peaceful two-acre patch, I toured the church and then stood outside the historical building. A sense of quiet calm washed over me, easing the tension from my long journey from Kalispell, Montana. As I peered into the graveyard I could feel the spirits of those who rest beneath its peaty soil rise to greet me. The problem was--we had to do our greeting through a fence because the cemetery was undergoing maintenance.

     Christ's Church Cemetery

The grave of Francis Hopkinson-One of the signers of the Declaration of Independence.

The Liberty Bell located on Market Street. It was one of the first things I saw when I came to Philly. It is brightly lit at night.

 My next stop was the Betsy Ross House. Betsy (Elizabeth Griscom Claypoole) is buried in a private cemetery behind the house with her husband John Claypoole.


I have some exciting news for fans of The Forlorned series. The second book, The Forsakened, will be released in just a few weeks. If you like Victorian Era haunts and bloodcurdling tales of the sea, you will enjoy reading this chilling gothic novel. 

A lot of research went into the making of The Forsakened. The process of learning about Victorian mourning attire, mourning jewelry, and burial customs was such a fascinating, yet sad journey for me.  I spent months researching records in the National Archives and pouring over hordes of out of print books on the subject. Although not all of the material went into the manuscript itself, it allowed me to become well acquainted with these long-ago customs. 

When I first began writing The Forsakened, I had no idea that antique mourning art, photographs, and jewelry had been rising in popularity among collectors in modern times. Memorial art is highly valued for its sentimental attributes as well as its historical worth. As far as the medieval times, death art was created as a way to remember the dead. In the Victorian Era (named after Queen Victoria), death art reached an all-time high in popularity which had never occurred before or since. There were many types of ornamentations created in the name of the deceased. These ghastly decorations included, jewelry, hair, and sometimes teeth woven into wreaths, pictures of the dearly departed in death, paintings and more. 

In the next blog post, I will take you on a photographic journey to some of the mausoleums and crypts I have visited along the way. 

The Forsakened is scheduled for release in just a few short weeks. Please sign up for my newsletter for giveaways and exciting updates.