I'm very honored to be working with so many talented people on the film, Vision of the Ages including Academy award-nominee  director Fidel Moreno. 

Born in Chicago, Illinois of Huichol, Chichimeca and Mexican heritage Fidel's passion lies in ethnographies-documentaries. For the past thirty-two years, his focus has been on subjects of indigenous treaty rights, religious freedom, spiritual traditions, and environmental and human rights. Additionally, Fidel is an advocate for the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) of the United Nations in Central America, Mexico, and the United States.

Fidel's award-winning documentaries and film work include:

  • Keven Costner's 500 Nations (Four-part 4-hour 8-part series on CBS) 
  • Stephen Spielberg's,  Into the West.
  • Behind Standing Rock
  • The Peyote Road
  • Wiping the tears of 7 Generations. 
  • Healing the Spirit - Native American Suicide Survivors.

Below is a recent picture of Fidel at a freedom rally in Flagstaff Arizona, wearing a jacket designed by Kevin Costner's wardrobe designer, Cathy Smith.  

  ©Fidel Moreno      

©Chief Phil Lane - Vision of The Ages/ Four Worlds Global Impact Fund.  
Director Fidel Moreno and Tonja Zandra Ramirez interviewing Mona Polacca, for the Series, Vision of the Ages.

Coming December 22, 2022

©Chief Phil Lane - Vision of The Ages/ Four Worlds Global Impact Fund.
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