Reaching Your Film Making Goals

"The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing."
~Walt Disney~

As a young child, I  always looked forward to Sunday nights when The Wonderful World of Disney came on television. I especially loved Mr. Walt Disney with his warm and charismatic ways. Mr. Disney wore several hats, was a self starter and brilliant businessman.  As anyone in the motion picture industry knows, filmmakers often wear several hats in order to obtain their goals. It takes hard work and dedication to get things done. It takes more doing and less talking, just as Walt Disney said. Making a motion picture was a huge undertaking. Thank Goodness for all the people that helped me in the process. Now back to Mr. Disney. Walt Disney was a voice actor and cartoonist and as I said earlier, a superb businessman--not to mention a cultural icon. He and his brother, Roy, founded The Walt Disney Company.

My favorite ride at Disneyland is The Haunted Mansion. I really love the spooky atmosphere, like the haunted paintings, ghosts and "Doom Buggies." This creepy ride comes with state of the art theatrical effects plus vintage ones as well. Maybe this is why I chose to write a screenplay that included a spooky, haunted mansion.  My motion picture, The Forlorned, was shot in a historical mansion in Somers, Montana. The filming took place in the dead of winter--in below zero temperatures. Although this was very hard on the actors and crew, it created the perfect "chilling" atmosphere for the movie. Filming in the dead of winter came with a lot of worries, thank goodness the production company charged ahead and did it anyhow.  

Remember, if you want something done--you have to just do it (even if its in the dead of winter with no heat or running water).

Sometimes it's hard to get started. Why not take the first few steps. Start with getting a solid script together. Go through the script and figure out your budget. Don't forget to include insurance, props, actor fees, food, lodging, etc. There are many helpful guides online for budgeting for filmmakers. Get it all roughed out on paper and plan the next few months out in small goals.

The journey isn't easy but you have to start taking steps down the path in order to reach the end. Give yourself plenty of time to make the movie and to find distribution. Any questions, please contact me. I'm always glad to give helpful tips or advice when I can. Have a Wonderful Weekend!

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