From Novel to Big Screen

When my novel, The Forlorned was adapted to a screenplay for a motion picture, the majority of the plot was changed in order to meet the demands of a budget and time restrictions. A lot of the fans of the novel will notice many differences between the book and the movie, especially the last half of the movie and the ending.

The good news is that although the film is not an exact replica of my book, it still cares the same message. A message that no solider should be left buried and forgotten--no matter how long ago the death occurred.

As I near completion of the second and third script adaption for The Forlorned movie sequels, I get more and more excited. What started out as a single film has now grown into several. I feel that as a writer, I have finally found what I love to do most. To create stories and to share them!

Please stayed tuned for more updates this week. 

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