Hello, everyone!

I'm working on a fun project. As many of you know I enjoy crafting hand bound books based on characters from my novels. 

I'm currently working on a journal for my Victorian ghost, Hepzibah Blackthorne. I love working in that time period with such beautiful paper and designs. Hepzibah's journal is a mix of  beauty and darkness. I'm also making a minature antique armorie to contain the book. I'm having so much fun putting it together. I will be uploading the video soon--so stay tuned!

 A few months ago I made a hand bound book belonging to my character Benjamin Gray from my novel series, The Forlorned. Benjamin Gray was a clergyman from the War of 1812 who secretly recorded bodies of U.S. Servicemen from the War of 1812 buried on a cursed lighthouse island.

The cover of the book is crafted from linen material which I aged to make it look appropriate for being buried in a box for more than 200 years. On the spine, I created ridges which were in style for the time period. 

Most importantly, It is not a redone book. 

Many people have asked me why I prefer to make them from scratch. Why not just use an old book cover? Of course, it would make the process easier, but for years I fought to be free from negativity associated with the Forlorned book project. By crafting this project from scratch it was something the trademark troll and other disreputable people could not touch. The cover is created by me. Every page is hand dyed by me. Every section is created by me and then sewed into signatures. 

This hand bound book is not only a special keepsake--its also a  reminder of the battles I've won.  

If you haven't had a chance to check out the books-- you can find the book set on kindle here on Amazon
Or the print editions on amazon Book one, The Forlorned and book two The Forsakened

Dont forget your free downloads on my website! I have free planner pages and tide charts along with great seafood recipies from the characters in the book.

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