My favorite part of the writing process has always been the research that goes into my novels. Majoring in Anthropology, I am fascinated by ancient cultures, art and lore. In my novel, Amarok, I wanted to incorporate characters and mythology from the Ice-Age period because I’ve always felt that the people from this ancient time period helped to shape the world we live in today. A time of development, learning and intense connection to the land. A time of great discovery, where people learned to forge their own tools and instruments.

I researched, in considerable depth, all aspects of life during this Paleolithic era. But, I spent most of my time studying early shelters. I wanted to know how people of that time incorporated their natural environment into dwellings. I found such creativity in the construction of these ancient shelters, whether it was a cave, an overhanging mossy rock slab or a tent made of bones, or hides.

In my investigations I have found caves to be the most interesting. I am fascinated that thousands of years can pass and we are still finding messages from early man in hidden in these stone recesses. History told in paintings--stories shared in brilliant brush strokes of ochre.

I hope readers will enjoy my novel, Amarok, as much as I enjoyed creating it.

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