How to stay organized and write

One of the most important tools a writer has is a productive work space. Find an area in your home specifically for writing. Whether it’s in a corner of the living room, a desk in the laundry room or even in the garage. Make the area yours and yours alone. Make sure its a designated space for writing only and not a place for paying bills, or unrelated activities.
I keep colorful calenders, spreadsheets and computer print-offs near my desk. I go through them daily, recording important dates, websites and notes about marketing ideas to explore later. I am also a huge fan of colorful folders, highlighters and sticky notes. They are inexpensive, and they brighten my mind and manuscript.
Try to keep your workspace clean. If clutter gets out of control find an old dresser with deep drawers. These are handy for holding supplies such as extra pens, paper clips, reams of paper and ink cartridges. A tidy office is a productive office. Make sure all your supplies are sorted, and close at hand.
Whatever you’re passionate about try to incorporate into your writing sanctuary. I like to burn candles, listen to mood music and I always have coffee, or tea nearby. Fill your workspace with your favorite themes and visuals for a tailor-made space.
Happy creating!
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