The past few years as an author have been tough--very tough. Between dealing with book pirates, trademark trolls, sleazy movie distributors, and an unethical bookkeeper--it has been a rollercoaster from hell for sure.

First and foremost, for all of you who have contacted me for advice about trademark infringement--my best advice is simple. Retain an attorney. PLEASE do not rely on advice from someone who isn't a lawyer.  Secondly, my case is bizarrely unique so it's unlikely it will be similar to yours. At least I hope not for your sake. The trademark troll who sued me is a disgusting child sex offender with a fetish for filing lawsuits to stroke ego. He sued dozens of people and organizations including his own MOTHER.

Yes, you read that correctly--HE EVEN SUED HIS OWN MOTHER. 

And our hard earned tax dollars PAID for it.  

He subjected me to years of hate and abuse. He slurred my name all over the internet--calling me a fraud, a criminal, a theft and much worse. He even accused me of sleeping with my boss for money. A man I highly repected and looked up to. If I tried to file a restraining order to keep this felon away from me and my family he would contest the order demanding contact.

This sexual predator, sociopathic stalker, and trademark troll professes to be a political prisoner --yet he receives more governmental assistance than ANYONE I know. He doesn't work--at all. He receives health insurance, food stamps, money from SSI, energy assistance and more. He gets to file his lawsuits for FREE by claiming poverty--even though he has a for-profit business listed with the Secretary of State in Montana. He cries about a corrupt justice system that is out to get him---so why isn't he in jail?

Even worse--he wrote a book about domestic abuse--yet he is a convicted child molester and the biggest abuser of all.

On a more positive note, I am thankful to my readers, my family, and friends who love and support my work.  Also, I am very grateful to be a member of the Authors Guild--a powerful organization that supports authors and fights for our creative rights.

To all of you battling against predators in the book world and beyond, keep fighting for your rights. Please don't ever give up. Get proper legal help and fight back. I know its a tremendous financial burden but in the end, it's worth it. Believe me, I know. Every day I celebrate defeating the monster who stalked, sued and harrassed me for years.

I hope that my case will serve as a precedent for others fighting against trademark trolls. 

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