Stalking has serious effects on victims--it can also prove deadly.  Moreover, the physiological and psychological effects are long-lasting and often so damaging it's hard to describe. When you are being stalked there is no more normalcy. No more carefree life. Instead, there is only checking and rechecking locks, peering into your rearview mirror, examining faces in a crowd to make sure your stalker isn't there. If that isn't bad enough, as in my case, my stalker began a smear campaign. This is only just one of many terrorist tactics that victims must endure. In short, it is life-destroying and often victims are revictimized by a complacent justice system. 

Here is my first interview with Strickly Stalking. Please share it with others. 

Click HERE to listen.  


Recently, I appeared on the first of many scheduled talk shows and podcasts concerning stalking. This is an important issue that has adversely affected me for several years. As many of you know, I was the victim of stalking by a convicted child sex offender felon--a pedophile with whom I had absolutely no romantic relationship. Like most stalkers, mine is a vexatious litigant who abuses the court system as a way to keep in touch with his victims. My stalker sued me for trademark infringement over my book, movie, and production company title all the way to the Supreme Court of the United States. Thankfully, he lost his appeal but not before causing me and many others great harm. 

While completing my Social Justice degree and earning certificates from Harvard University, I was tasked with writing an in-depth thesis on the topic of criminal law and stalking. The subject matter wasn't difficult because I was a stalking victim. I knew the majority of stalking statutes have proven to be way too broad and ambiguous. Additionally, prosecutors and other justice officials face a daunting task of trying to follow a legal entanglement of elements defined in the laws in order to charge stalkers with the crime of stalking. A significant problem with anti-stalking laws is that although many are similar in each state, the language and standards for statues in each state vary widely. Therefore, what would be deemed stalking in one state is contradictory in another. It is no wonder that stalking is one of the most underreported crimes in America. Victims are well aware that the battle for justice is all uphill. Stalking is rarely treated as a serious offense and often victims are mocked by those in the justice system who feel it is just a nuisance crime. 

Moreover, victims are discouraged by the lack of response by officials in the justice system to take the crime seriously. Worst yet, from personal experience, I knew that victims have another worry when the crime is reported. Often the perpetrator isn't apprehended for long. The stalker, during this brief incarceration, has only one thing in mind—revenge on the person who put them there. Often, this causes an escalation in violent events against the victim when the stalker is released. I can understand why victims remain silent. I did several times out of fear of retaliation. It is hard to articulate what it is like to be silenced out of survival. But I refuse to be silent any longer. 

I am sharing my stalking story and how a complacent justice system allowed it to continue.  I have found peace and a sense of freedom in the ownership of my voice. By speaking out, I hope to empower others to come forward. To tell their stories and to work with me in the battle for stricter laws.

My first appearance will air on July 21, 2020. I'll post links soon.


One of the most important tools a writer can have is a productive workspace. Your space doesn't have to be fancy or formal, it just needs to work for you.

Your writing space could be anywhere--even in your garage. I keep a mini traveling office in my car. When my children were small, I would write while I was parked outside their school waiting to pick them up at the end of the day. In a short time, I was able to sneak in a lot of valuable writing time. 

Wherever you decide to designate as your writing space, make sure it's comfortable and convenient. Keep organized by cleaning your space daily. I like to wipe down my keyboards at the end of the day and dust the top of my desk with a fresh hint of lemon. Inside my desk, I find it helpful to have similar items grouped together. For example, my pens are in one section, sticky notes in another and so on. Everything has a place grouped into a specific category.

I have a Jane Austen calendar I keep on my desk for appointments. On a nearby wall, I have my spreadsheets, and computer print-offs pinned to a corkboard.  Mondays, I review tasks, record important dates, and set writing goals for the week. I use colorful folders, highlighters, and sticky notes. I try to keep my desk free of any clutter and toss unnecessary items clogging up my space. A tidy office is a productive office. For me, the more clutter I have the more reduced my focus is.

I also recommend having great tools. A thermos or USB cup warmer is helpful to keep tea or coffee warm. Digital highlighters are helpful as well as Smartpens. Keep everything charged by having a charging station nearby. Music is very helpful to some.  YouTube is a great resource with many choices so you never get tired of the same playlist.  

I hope you find these tips helpful. Happy writing everyone.  


I've been a bit behind on blogging recently due to undertaking a large and exciting project. The research into my subject matter has been a rewarding and yet a tremendous effort. Not only is this the largest manuscript I have ever written, but the most fulfilling as well. So please bear with me kind readers. I shall have something to present to the world soon. 


I wanted to take a moment and wish all my readers a happy Valentine's Day. I hope that you are blessed with love and kindness whether from friends, family, lovers, or a combination thereof. 

On a day when love is celebrated across the globe, befitting different cultures and customs, I am extremely grateful to celebrate this day with my boyfriend, Germán. Germán hails from Central America. His culture is rich with art, literature, music, dance, film and most importantly love. A perfect fit for an author and filmmaker like me! 

Through good and bad he is a solid supporter of my writing and a treasured confidant. I am truly blessed to have him in my life. 

Germán's name can be a bit tricky for those who do not know how to pronounce it, often causing my publicists, editors, film producers and others in the industry to address him as German, like the country. Some have even called him Hermen, Harmen, Germaine and so on. The proper way to pronounce his name can be a bit tricky for English speakers, especially those who do not know how to roll their r's. The best way to pronounce it--for those who don't speak Spanish is like "Hair-MAHN." 

No matter how his name is pronounced, Germán remains a good sport. Our lives are filled with countless blessings, and I sincerely hope that your life is filled with love, laughter, and endless blessings as well! 


Hey everyone! 

Hope your April is going well. I can not wait until the chilly weather is gone and summer is finally here!  I've been busy working on a new journal project which I will film and share with you soon. This journal is based on my spooky Victorian ghost, Hepzibah Blackthorne. 

I just wanted to update everyone to let you know my novel The Forsakened will be released in audio in May--if all goes as planned. It will be available on audible and other places.  

I will let you know more as soon as I have an exact date of its release.  

I'm going to go curl up with a cup of Barry's Tea with plenty of cream and work on another book ;) Have a wonderful week everyone! 

The Forsakend is available on kindle and print--just click here 


My boyfriend G. Ferrero is a strong Latin man. With the exception of my father, I've never known anyone with such an admirable work ethic. He is one of the kindest persons I know. Like me, he is a true entrepreneur. He loves the art of business and he believes in treating others fairly. Above all he is careful with his words. He knows words are like living things that can scar the soul of another. 

He has a saying and it's true. 

La lingua non ha ossa ma fa rompere il dosso.

In Italian, it means--the tongue has no bones but it can break bones. 
As many of you know I've had endure severe abuse for years by a convicted child sex offender and trademark troll who became fixated on me. I've been stalked, sued and harassed to the breaking point and beyond. 

A few days ago I was celebrating my youngest son's birthday. It's a very special day to us. We not only celebrate the anniversary of his birth, but we also celebrate his remission from cancer that blinded him. While I was busy cooking and preparing for our festivities, my stalker was busy filing more legal garbage against me in the Montana Supreme Court. 

The nightmare with this berzerker--never--ends.  

The day after my son’s birthday was a film premiere for my movie, The Forlorned.  I couldn't even attend my own event because of security concerns and rumors that my stalker and “friends” would be there. (He hangs around other convicted felons.) I would never want any harm to come to my readers, loved ones and friends who were there to support me, but there is no safe haven when you are being hunted by a madman.

Many people have asked me if he has had a mental evaluation. I have no idea. I'm not qualified to diagnose him--but my personal opinion is that he suffers from delusional disorder and sociopathy.  Like a typical sociopath, he does not respect the word no--not from the police, not from the courts (not even the highest court in the nation, The US Supreme Court) and certainly not from me or his other victims. 

I will NEVER forget the fateful day when he approached me and my boss at a lunch meeting. He wanted help getting in contact with agents and publishers. I was traditionally published with one of the best agents in the business. I told him how to go about finding the help he needed. He thanked me profusely and then later tried to persuade me to join him for his birthday dinner. Of course, I refused, which didn't score me any points with this sociopath. From that point on he couldn't accept that I had turned him down. That I wouldn't allow him to be a part of my movie, or have contact with my literary agent, or most importantly be a part of my personal life in any way.

Sadly, I doubt things will ever change. This child predator knows no bounds. All the experts I have contacted agree he will obsess about me for the rest of his life. This is very difficult to accept. I'm still struggling with the fact that my life has been forever changed. That my online presence is marred by his hundreds of posts about me. How I'm a fraud, a prostitute, a criminal.  I went from being an introverted author just offering friendly advice to a struggling wannabe author to being a victim of a massive smear campaign. I was stalked, sued and harassed for years--all for what? for saying the word no?  

To compound problems, the local courts (which he claims I control), Montana Probation and Parole, The Governor of Montana, The Montana Attorney General's office, The FBI and Countless abuse hotlines, and many, many other organizations--haven't been able to help me. However, I'm grateful to those who have tried. Many wonderful people within these organizations have done their best to stop the nonsense, but all have failed. It's like my stalker knows the fine line to walk to avoid having his probation revoked and being returned to prison.  

So why not file another restraining order? Restraining orders mean nothing to him. As soon as a restraining order (or no contact order) is issued against him, he immediately files an appeal to the higher courts--he craves contact with his victims in any form he can get. This person is dangerous and there is nothing I can do to legally stop him from his endless pursuit of ruining my life.

And PLEASE do not ask me why I don't sue him for defamation. He has nothing to sue for. He incorporates himself so that he can protect himself legally. His freedom of speech protects him to lie about his victims and ruin us publicity. All his legal fees are paid for by the sweat of our hard earned tax dollars. He is on welfare and claims disability for having arthritis (too bad his victims can't be covered for  medical costs from the stress he has caused.) My fees are not paid for. I am not on welfare nor are my attorney and court fees paid. In total this monster has cost my company, The Forlorned, LLC hundreds of thousands of dollars in fees. All for what? Revenge.  

For years he has had his fun defaming my good character as well as his other victims, including the child he molested.  We have had to take his abuse in silence. He has posted hundreds of mentions of my name and other information like my address all over the Internet including on his WordPress site and Twitter. 

He has caused unrepairable damage to my businesses, my books, my movies, my personal life and to his other victims.   Yet, the madness never ends. 

I once had a city offical smugly tell me to just not read his blogs if it upset me. He totally missed the point. No one wants their reputation destroyed. No one wants their address put online and no one wants crazy people coming to your door. Relationships with readers are very important to authors. My career and my life are constantly at stake. 

Words are powerful. They are weapons used by people like my stalker to destroy and disfigure the human soul. I try to watch what I say to others. I know that my words can have a great impact good or bad. Most of all be careful how you talk to yourself. Do not let the words of others destroy who you are.