Saturday, June 23, 2018


This is the notice and summary of my own #Cockygate nightmare. I have been posting this on social media sites--hoping for positive change. 

No one should be sued, stalked and harassed over a WORD in their book title.  Please help support authors who are victims of malicious and frivolous lawsuits like me. Also, please support the Authors Guild. I am a proud member of the Authors Guild. They fight very hard for the rights of fellow artists/authors.  

Please share my message (feel free to click and copy the jpeg above) with everyone you can. United we stand against vexatious litigants--serial lawsuit filers. The felon who sued had over 300 defendants! Including his own MOTHER! 

He even claimed to have collaborated on my novel and movie--total lies. He had ZERO to do with my projects. He was a critique partner in a group I belonged to and nothing more. He was kicked out of that group for rude behavior--go figure. Believe me--I don't need a convicted pedophile being associated with any of my middle grade or YA projects. He crazily believes that the title, The Forlorned, belongs to him and sued for trademark infringement--even though I already OWNED the trademark because it was the name of my corporation. 

How crazy is that? 

Even crazier is that because this felon is on welfare--he gets to file his phony lawsuits for free--paid by hard earned tax dollars--while the rest of us have to pay dearly--just to defend ourselves. 

Please join my fight for justice! 

Thank you--Angela

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