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3 comments on "Come see my website!"
  1. Love the site- very spooky and atmospheric! I'm really impressed with the fab Amarak stickers- will you be getting any more done in any different designs? Or will it depend how these ones go? Anyway good luck with the release of Amarak, we're all excited for you- and ourselves of course.

    Steven @ Cambridge Local Marketing

  2. Great job getting the new website up. I know it is never easy to get a good one up and running. Usually there is some disconnect between the designer and the person who wants it. I used a website building tool to help build mine because I was struggling to get across what I wanted to any designer I met.

    Chris Hatcher @ Red Stick SEO

  3. I love the trailer! This must be so exciting for you. To see all your own imaginary characters and internal world expressed in the real world- I can't even think how thrilled you must be. Does it match up with the pictures in your mind? Is it close to the vision that you saw when you were writing The Forlorned ?

    Edwin @ Clicks In Motion