Monday, October 28, 2013


Please join us for a spook-tacular promotion for the release of my novel, River of Bones!! In honor of my new release, Clean Teen Publishing will be offering a 24 hour only incentive rebate to anyone who purchases River of Bones through Amazon. You must purchase River of Bones sometime on 10/30/13 to qualify for this rebate. 

More Details:

Purchase River of Bones on Amazon (Kindle Version) on Tuesday, October 30, 2013 and send your proof of purchase (receipt or screen shot of purchase) and you can pick from one of these amazing prize packs:

1. A Gift Card of $2.99 to Amazon. (That's right, we will basically reimburse you the purchase price of the book!)


2. Readers choice of any 3 Clean Teen Publishing books (digital) gifted to them. *With this choice you can also choose upcoming releases. We will send ARC's to you as soon as they've been formatted.


3. A CTP bookmark prize pack which will include an assortment of bookmarks and a CTP bracelet that says: Authors are our Rockstars!

This rebate party giveaway is for anyone willing to participate. You can invite your friends. Please remember though that in order to be eligible for your choice of one of the above prizes, you must send a proof of purchase - this can't be a photo of the book on your Kindle (because people can download the sample and make it look like they purchased it), it needs to be a copy of the receipt or a screen shot of the Amazon page where it says thank you for the purchase and you must not return the book after you purchase it. Those who return the book will forfeit their prize.

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