Seat-of-the-pants writer vs. Outliners

Ah, the weekend. Time to put my feet up--a girl can dream right? This weekend I'm doing  major revisions and editing my next Amarok novel. (The second book in a series.)

I have two major issues. I am a seat-of -the-pants type of writer, but I'm also someone who likes organization. For example--my desk is very neat with all the latest organizational items. My calender is neatly filled in, but yet on the floor around my feet is a basket spilling over with books and a bad house cat who shall go un-named.(I find it's best not to give him to much attention--he takes total advantage of it. I'm convinced he's bipolar. One second he's purring away and all cutesy kitten like--the next he's going for an artery.) 

So tell me what kind of a writer you are. Seat-of-the-pants type? or are you somewhere in between? Do you need an outline?

Have a fantastic Saturday!

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